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Are you a business owner interested in how you can make your employees happy? Are you an employee looking for a work that can make you happy? Read this article and you’ll discover the path to happiness. Also, you’ll learn how you can easily get approved for alternative business loans.

Small Businesses Have Happier Employees: Surveys

Research by LinkedIn shows that the smallest businesses make for the happiest employees. According to Gallup research, 33% of US employees enjoy full engagement at work. 16% are actively disengaged, and 51% claim they’re just showing up.

Moreover, the lowest levels of engagement are found with the biggest US companies.The highest levels are found with businesses with fewer than 25 employees. 75% of small business workers state they enjoy “high” or “extreme” satisfactionfrom working with a small employer.

Based on a study from the staffing firm Robert Half, the happiest employees work for businesses with not more than 10 workers.

According to the 2017 Aflac Small Business Happiness Report, 84% of employees working for smallbusinesses are happy in their current job. 48% state that most, or all, of their happinesscomes from their current job at a small business.

Small businesses are the cornerstones of America. They make up over 90% of businesses today. If you’re a small business owner interested in alternative business loans, find a reputable business funding provider to work with. A reliable and secure alternative online lender can help you get access to the necessary working capital easily and with the best terms.

How to Make Your Employees Happy?

Happiness at work is beneficial to both employers and employees.If you, as an employer, can make your employees feel happy, you’ll enjoy striking benefits.

If you can create a healthy and happy atmosphere at your workplace, you’ll be able to attractthe best job candidates. Also, you’ll be able to hold on to the staffyou already have. Moreover, you’ll be able to boost productivity.

According to research by Horizons Workforce Consulting, about 2/3 of happy employees say they’re consistently putting in extra effort at work.

A study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology shows that employees who have high levels of satisfaction from their job also volunteer for optional tasks. Besides, they help others and are more ready to cooperate than those who’re unhappy at work.

What do smaller businesses do? Well, they provide innovative and flexible perks. Being small is great in this regard. Beyond this, small businesses know their staff intimately. Theyare well aware of their employees’ daily needs, so they can address them accordingly.

On the other hand, small businesses use local discounts and community service opportunities as fine non-cash incentives. There’re small businesses that help their employees manage their finances.This is both useful and supportive.

By the way, 91% percent of small businessesdon’t offer financial workshops. So, if you’re a small business owner, don’t forget about this. Finally, consider offering paid parental leave, which is gaining more and more importance nationwide.

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